'The fact that human beings create such things as gardens is strange, for it means that there are aspects of our humanity which nature does not naturally accommodate, which we must make room for in nature’s midst. This in turn means that gardens mark our separation from nature even as they draw us closer to it, that there is something distinctly human in us that is related to nature yet is not of the order of nature…'

Robert Pogue Harrison - Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition

Dan Pearson Studio is a landscape design practice established in 1987 by landscape designer Dan Pearson.

We work in close collaboration with architects, designers and craftsmen on a wide range of projects, from private domestic gardens through to large rural estates, public parks and civic landscapes.

We consider our key strength to be ‘place making’, which comes from a responsive and integrated consideration of the site and its inherent sense of place. Designs are developed through a full dialogue with the surrounding environment, buildings and users of the space. In this way we identify the most appropriate route to arrive at simple, functional and emotionally uplifting places.

We believe in the strength of ‘quiet structure’, which is achieved by careful integration of structural elements and considered use of local materials and building methods. Where appropriate sensitive landforming is used as a means of creating dramatic structure without the use of hard materials. Landscaping may be inspired by geology, natural history or the local vernacular, but is honed and refined by human needs, and detailed with precision and subtlety.

The naturalistic use of plants is fundamental to the studio’s work and Dan’s experience and understanding of natural ecology and habitats results in painterly planting schemes that express a heightened naturalism, uniquely suited to each project. We honour the ephemeral nature of gardens, creating planting schemes that reflect the natural cycles, whilst providing year round interest through use of a considered plant palette.

We aim to create timeless spaces, which encourage people to connect with nature, whilst acknowledging the tension between nature and culture. The intrinsic qualities of a site are heightened through gentle interventions that tread lightly on the land, freeing the user to engage with natural elements in a way that is seemingly unmediated, producing inspiring environments that encourage contemplation and self-reflection.