We are a small, close-working team of designers and landscape architects collaborating to create landscapes and gardens of aesthetic sophistication and emotional resonance.

Our approach mirrors that of our founder, balancing an artist’s sensibility and vision with the rigour, pragmatism and attention to detail of a craftsman in bringing that vision to life.

Every decision we make is grounded in an acute sense of place and a deep understanding of how natural environments affect human emotions.

We do not impose a preconceived style on our projects, but respond sensitively to the atmosphere and mood of a site, with the aim of distilling and imparting its unique character.

Site and context inform every decision we make. Each commission initiates a new process of looking, learning and interpreting.

Our work is about the subtleties and details that are felt, but not necessarily seen straight away. A sense of rightness.

The landscapes we design are worlds of their own, wholly right for their locations, offering the chance for escape, delight, reflection and illumination.

We work with engaged clients around the world on projects from small, urban courtyards to urban realm landscapes, from rural estates, public parks and resorts to therapeutic, healing and educational gardens.

The common thread is a shared desire to create beautiful environments which bring people close to nature and experience the soulful, restorative qualities of plants.



Dan Pearson OBE
Wisley Cert. (Hons) | Kew Dip. | Hon FRIBA | RDI | FSGD

Huw Morgan
Managing Director
BA (Hons)

Matthew Dalby
Associate Director
BA (Hons) | MA | CMLI

Sarah Lindars
BSc (Hons) | DipLA | CMLI

Sam Breed
Senior Landscape Architect
BA (Hons) | MLA

Henri Hurtebize
Project Landscape Architect
BA (Hons)

Tara Elliston
Project Landscape Architect

Stephanos Georgiou
Project Landscape Architect
BA (Hons) | MLA

Lisa Peachey
Landscape Architect
BA (Hons) | MA | MLA

Emma Henderson
Landscape Architect

Maria Hollyoake
Landscape Architect
BA | MSc

Evan Kay
Assistant Landscape Architect

Lily Wright
Landscape Architect Student Placement

Una Lavery
Studio Manager





From private city courtyard to major public park, every project is a new challenge; multilayered, complex and consuming. But each one begins with the same initial steps.

Our first meeting is at our studio, near Waterloo, to establish basic information about the site, the scope of the project and to explain our approach.

If we think we are the right team to help achieve your aspirations, we’ll make our first visit to the site.

This usually takes a day, depending on the ground we need to cover. It’s a time for walking, talking and listening closely to your ideas, inspirations and ambitions. From the very first moments, impressions of a site and its atmosphere can set the creative direction for a project for years to come.

Our conversations with you help us develop a sense of the site’s meaning to you and the people who live and work there. Its architecture, history, development, layout, geography, aspect, proposed uses and maintenance regime all form part of our analysis and inform our proposals. We encourage our clients to participate fully in the design process to ensure the most meaningful and resonant outcome.

Once a fee for the Concept Design stage is agreed, we carry out an Initial Site Analysis and Context Study before starting on the Concept Design in earnest. This is developed in full consultation with you, so that any ideas or additions to the brief can be incorporated along the way.

Once the Concept Design is agreed and finalised, we start work on the Detailed Design, producing a package of construction plans and details to allow your landscape to be built. Following completion of the Detailed Design package we can provide a Tender and Contract Preparation service to identify an appropriate contractor, if required.

During Construction we attend site at agreed intervals to inspect and advise on progress. Dan Pearson attends site for all major construction events and to lay out all plants on site prior to planting.

After Completion we encourage regular follow-up visits to ensure that your garden is settling in as intended, and to advise on its development.

For a more detailed explanation of our working process, please email the studio.