Located on the north-face of a hillside in Barvikha on the outskirts of Moscow, this remarkable residence designed by Zaha Hadid Architects rises within a woodland setting reminiscent of the deep forest, where the surrounding spruce and birch tower at 20 metres tall. The building comprises a lower level set into the landscape and a soaring tower with high elevated views across the tree tops in all directions. The design of the building extends the exterior topography into the building, while the surrounding environment of flowing terrain levels generates a new landscape, creating integrated interior and exterior spaces.

The landscape design brings nature lapping back up to the thresholds, reinstating the forest fringe and healing the construction scars.  The treatment is wholly naturalistic and predominately native, typical of the broader environment. Elements of traditional woodcraft provide opportunities for discovery, play and relaxation and express cultural connections that are intrinsically sylvan and Russian.  Heightened seasonality cycles through the fiery blaze of autumn, the purity of winter's snowy covering, followed by the bright-green and blossom of spring and summer. Clearings are filled with dappled light by day and mystery by night.

Client: Private
1 hectare

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