A traditional 16th century hill farm in Hampshire owned by Antonio and Priscilla Carluccio the garden was created as a contemporary equivalent of the earliest medieval gardens, in keeping with the old thatched bothy, which was used as a retreat from the city.

The productive garden is fenced off from the paddocks beyond with a hawthorn hedge. Painterly combinations of annual and perennial herbs, predominantly in muted greens and pale flowers. The vegetables provide a diverse crop for the enthusiastic chef and there is a place for seeds to grow that have been gathered on holiday in Italy.  It is also a delicious smelling apothecary’s garden, where vines and hops intermingle with roses around the pergolas, and santolina and lavender grow in profusion.

The cottage garden is abundantly planted, running along and washing up the walls of the cottage. A South facing gravel garden in the front is peppered with self-seeders such as oxeye daisies, poppies and scabious. To one side is an open sided barn used both for outdoor eating, wood store and hazel weaving.


Client: Antonio & Priscilla Carluccio 1990-1995

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