With winter in full swing, prepare for the chill, keep tender bulbs cool and make time to prune your apple tree

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Planting a tree


Planting a tree is a special moment for most gardeners. But giving a tree as a gift can be a tricky business

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Clear what you must, but deadwood left for worms and insects allows nature to work its magic

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The first cut


The garden might be inactive at the moment, but cuttings in a sheltered spot will grow roots ready for spring

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As the year closes, use this breathing space for a winter clear-up, pruning and planning for a burst of seasonal colour

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Balancing act


Keeping a garden in order sometimes means making a dramatic move. Act now to stop sprawlers taking centre stage

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A sense of place


Now’s the time for digging in and planting out, so strong roots can be established before the cold weather

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Fallen leaves and the threat of frost make this month the key time for a strategic pre-winter clear-up

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