The crocus is one of the first bulbs to flower. Pick the right ones and they’ll colour your garden like tiny butterflies

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The daffodils are up, and on warm days the bees are already busy. It’s the start of the growing season, so get in gear

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Clear the decks


With winter on the wane, it’s time to get your garden ready for the start of the growing season. Cut to the chase!

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Dogwood days


The crimson stems of cornus will brighten up even the darkest days of winter

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When the first of the golden celandines and pristine white snowdrops begin to appear, it is time to start preparing your garden for spring

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Winter lights


Winter is not all bare branches and smoking chimneys – this time of year has its own blasts of colour and perfume

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Early risers


The first blooms of spring are still some way off, but by gently forcing bulbs you can enjoy some out-of-season colour

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In the darkest days of winter, when other plants are dormant, cyclamen supplies a welcome blast of colour

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