It is the season too often neglected, but a newly planted Winter Garden in Battersea will be a beacon in the dark

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Garden, Park, Battersea Park, Winter Garden, Observer

From Gertrude Jekyll to Beth Chatto, Dan Pearson salutes the women who nurtured his love affair with gardening

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Women, Gardeners, Observer

Even the tiniest brick-walled garden will become an urban oasis with careful and colourful spring planting

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City, Garden, Urban, Studio, Observer

The Giving Tree


There are a handful of hazel trees down by the stream in the shade of the neighbouring copse..........

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Trees, Hazel, Woodland, Coppice, Observer

It takes me a couple of hours to walk the hedge lines, not because there are miles of hedge on the farm, more that I find the history in these divisions fascinating.

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Hedgerow, Hedges, Observer

I remember very clearly the first time I came upon Viburnum x bodnantense.

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Viburnum, Shrubs, Scent, Observer

There is nothing quite like moving to re-evaluate what is important in your life. In boxing up and rifling through the drawers and cupboards, you have to question everything you own.

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Ivy League


The leaves are finally down, the history in the hedgerows mapped out in the skeletons that are left behind for the winter.

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Ivy, Evergreens, Observer

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