With a fresh vegetable patch, a revived rhubarb shed and berry-laden hedges, the farm is bursting with new growth.

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Observer, Fruit

The fine froth of flowering cow parsley leads the way as the verges and hedgerows begin to throng with life.

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Observer, Umbellifers

Suddenly the garden is off, with growth in every direction. Plan now for a well-paced run throughout the summer…

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To Do, Observer

This is the first spring in several years that isn't marked by the reawakening of the garden in Peckham. It is a curious feeling to be without an established plot and for the tiny arc of treasures that I moved to my Somerset farm to not be in context.

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Garden, Urban, Observer

Growing Clematis


There is a tiny bed at the front of the farmhouse in which the former owner grew some colour.  It was a contrast to the rest of the farm, which was grazed back to the base of the hedges, the grass being clearly where the primary interest lay.

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Observer, Clematis, Climbers

I have long been interested in the idea of the garden providing sanctuary, for when it sings, a garden will have the power to transport and to lead you to a place that is arguably magical. 

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Observer, Oasis, Sanctuary

There is a flurry of life now we are past the equinox.  New grass glossy and shining, a million webs shimmering in spring sunshine from as many newly hatched money spiders. Buds swelling, blossom sprung and celandines basking in sunshine are harbingers of a new season of activity in the garden.

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To Do, April, Observer

It would be difficult to let this moment pass without sharing my delight in the blossom season, for it is a moment that places you very firmly in the here and now.

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Spring, Blossom, Observer

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