Colourful, prolific and dizzingly tall the foxglove adds a startling vertical dimension to any border.

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DP, Observer, Foxgloves

Creating a wild-flower meadow gives you the chance to witness the wildlife that thrives where the mower blades stop

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Observer, Wildflowers , Meadows

Sunbathing irises, repeating roses, wilting clematis… Here are 10 jobs to make the most of your garden this month

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To Do, Observer

No summer border is complete without the sweet scent of honeysuckle. But how do you pick the right one?

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Observer, Honeysuckle

Battling Weeds


With legions of dandelions, cleavers and fat hen threatening to take over his plot, Dan unleashes weed Armageddon.

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Observer, Weeds

With a few simple health checks now, you can keep your garden brimming with colour over the coming month.

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DP, Observer

Despite a challenging year, there was some impressive personal growth at the greatest garden show on earth.

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Observer, Chelsea Flower Show

For almost 30 years Dan has dreamt of growing his own outsize rhubarb. At last he's found the perfect spot…

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Observer, Gunnera

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