Turkish delights


The exotic-looking Turk’s cap lily is one of the garden’s most startlingly beautiful blooms. Dan is smitten…

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This month sees the freshness of early summer replaced with more colour and plenty of fruit and veg for the picking

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Growing salad


Sowing in succession brings a constant supply of perfect salad leaves all summer. The secret is to pace yourself

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With summer coming and dry days on the horizon, Dan takes a few tips from a gardener in the Golden State

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The bearded iris


Beloved by artists throughout the ages, the bearded iris is a plant with an impeccable pedigree

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As the garden races towards the longest day, take the following easy steps to stop it from peaking too early

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Lilac season


It doesn’t last long but the lilac season is stunning. Chose your varieties carefully – and enjoy their moment in the sun

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Dan has grand plans for his first return to the Chelsea Flower Show in years – a horticultural tribute to one of England’s greatest estates. Now all he needs to do is make some trees fly and move some gargantuan boulders across the country. Ed Cumming watches the fun

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