Hauser & Wirth Visit


At the start of August I travelled to Somerset with family and friends to visit the Piet Oudolf perennial meadow at Hauser & Wirth Gallery. This was a great chance to take in the late summer colours and textures of this beautiful planting scheme, and chat over its delivery and upkeep with Head Gardener Mark Dumbleton.


Renovated buildings and new perennial beds complement one another creating a calm arrival to the gallery proper.


Utilitarian farmyard materials are used in an unashamedly simple way, responding to the sites original use, and forming a unified threshold which lets the planting take centre stage in the space.


Reused water troughs form an interesting array of planters which animate the elevations along the building edges.


Formerly an arable field with a clay substrate, the transformation of the space is remarkable, even if you can't sit on the inviting grassy knolls.


Smiljan Radic's pavilion and stone work sits at the top of the site, framed by the planting beds and curving central path which draws your eye towards the horizon.



The structure was enhanced by seed heads of the Allium's and Phlomis russelliana.


There were special varieties were aplenty including this Echinacea 'Fatal Attraction' which was just opening up to show its deep pink hue.


No space is wasted with kitchen planters in the car park.


Our meal was packed with herbs freshly picked by the Roth Bar and Grill chefs. Delicious.


Well worth a visit if you're in the west country!