Hawk Vision


A rash of filthy pigeons have made the fish pond their bathroom in recent weeks, shredding the new foliage of the waterlily, leaving their calling cards everywhere and turning the goldfish into recluses. We haven't seen them for weeks.

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Studio garden, HM, DP

One of the joys of working with the Japanese is the attention to detail brought to bear on every element of a design.

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Millennium Forest, Japanese, Hokkaido Garden Festival

Cinco de Mayo


As if to celebrate today's Mexican festival our Magnolia 'Nimbus' opened it's first flower. A bloom worthy of being painted by Frida Kahlo, or Diego Rivera, or Georgia O'Keefe, for that matter.

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Studio garden, HM, Magnolia, Rose

Filling Out


After the recent warm weather things in the studio garden are moving so quickly now that it is hard to keep pace with developments.

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Studio garden, HM, DP

On The Move


Things are really starting to get a move on in the garden now, as leaves unfurl, flower buds become visible and the first early flowers appear.

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Studio garden, HM, DP

Moon gazing


Saturday's full 'super' moon seemed to have everyone out staring at the heavens.

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DP, Moon, Sky

Spring Greens


As the soil warms, growth in the studio garden is speeding up.

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Studio garden, HM

Lilac time


I was working clearing undergrowth and brambles from the banks of the stream this weekend.

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Trees, Spring, HM